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Information Operations from an Information Perspective (IOFAIP)

Course description:

The main course objective is to improve the qualifications of information reconnaissance information operation personel, include combined operations: ICT systems attacks with information operation component. Acquisition by trainees expanded knowledge of information and psychological operations, security of decisions-making processes on the part of state and non-state actors. The course is intended for RON employees involved in the security of the information evironment.

Training subjects:

  • Introduction to the definition of information operations capabilities;
  • Differences in the definition and usage of information operations;
  • Case study: Presentation of a manipulation technique masking the use of chemical weapon in Syria;
  • Case study: Non-state actor as tool of disinformation operation;
  • The Russian security sector and information operations, cyber operations;
  • Overview of the operating environment. Information environment;
  • Disinformation – an introduction to defining the concept;
  • Operations of the manipulation matrix in infromation operation usage;
  • Reversal of the manipulative model as tool of information operation recognition;
  • Operation masking tactics;
  • Case study: masking operation target, distraction for example information attack, icluding cyberattack from attacker and deffender team perspective.

Acquired skills:

  • Recognize incidents in the information environment;
  • Define an incident;
  • Conduct the recognition process, analysis of the identified incydent;
  • Recognize cyber operations as information operation incident;
  • Recognize infromation operation as a supportive component ICT attack;
  • Recognize special features of information operation;
  • Classify an incident into a specific information operation model;
  • Develop an initial manipulation matrix;
  • Develop an initial reconnaissance card and object profiling;
  • Recognize a saturation models of the information environment VIEDM;
  • Recognize an incident of the nature of active measures used in the information environment.

Minimal requirements:

  • No prerequisites.

Time: 24h

Data: To be defined 

Location: Cyber Security Training Centre of Excellence, Warsaw. 

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Cyber Security Training Centre of Excellence
gen. S.Kaliskiego 2
00-908 Warszawa
tel. 261837990
fax. 261837983

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