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Mr. Paweł Dziuba was appointed by the Ministry of the National Defense as a head of the Cyber Security Training Centre of Excellence (CST COE) in November 2020. He is an expert in management, cybersecurity and building automated command support systems.

He graduated from the Cybernetics Faculty at the Military University of Technology, where he also completed MBA studies in cybersecurity. His academic bacground also includes a post-graduate course at SGH Warsaw School of Economics and numerous courses in cybersecurity, IT and management.

From the beginning of his professional military career, he has been continuously associated with the area of advanced information technologies in central military institutions which deal with the implementation of tasks in the field of automation of command and control processes to ensure communication and information exchange as well as planning and implementation of joint ventures with other entities within NATO.

From 2005 Col. Paweł Dziuba was the deputy commander of the Air Defense Automation Center. Then he took the position of the Head of the IT and Automation Department at the Air Force Command.

From 2012, he carried out tasks for the country's defense as a counselor at the Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Poland to NATO in Brussels. At this time, among other duties, he represented Poland at the meetings of the Cyberspace Defense Committee.

After returning  to Poland, he served as the Cyberspace Security Advisor to the Undersecretary of State of the Ministry of National Defense. From April 2017, he headed the Information Systems Inspectorate. Then he took the position of the Director of the IT Inspectorate, responsible for consolidating the IT resources of the Ministry of National Defense.

In February 2018, he became the Deputy Director of the National Centre for Cryptology and from April 2019 to October 2020 he was the Deputy Director of the National Cyberspace Security Centre, an expert unit of the Ministry of National Defense responsible for key areas related to cryptology and cybersecurity.

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Cyber Security Training Centre of Excellence
gen. S.Kaliskiego 2
00-908 Warszawa
tel. 261837990
fax. 261837983

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