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CCNA v7 – Introduction to Networks (ITN)

Course description: 

The CCNA v7Introduction to Networks (ITN)  – The firstcourse in the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) curriculum introduces the architectures, models, protocols, and networkingelementsthatconnectusers, devices, applications and data through the internet and across modern computer networks - including IP addressing and Ethernet fundamentals. By the end of the course, studentscanbuildsimplelocalarea networks (LANs) thatintegrate IP addressingschemes, foundational network security, and performbasicconfigurations for routers and switches. 

Training subjects: 

  • Networking Today; 
  • Basic Switch and End Device Configuration; 
  • ProtocolModels; 
  • PhysicalLayer;   
  • Number Systems;   
  • Data Link Layer;   
  • Ethernet Switching;   
  • Network Layer;   
  • Address Resolution;   
  • Basic Router Configuration;   
  • IPv4 Addressing;   
  • IPv6 Addressing;   
  • ICMP;   
  • Transport Layer;   
  • Application Layer;   
  • Network Security Fundamentals;   
  • Build a Small Network. 

Acquired skills: 

  • Explain the advances in modern network technologies. 
  • Implement initial settings inlcuding passwords, IP addressing, and default gateway parameters on a network switch and end devices. 
  • Explain how network protocols enable devices to access local and remote network resources. 
  • Explain how physical layer protocols, services, and network media support communications across data networks. 
  • Calculate numbers between decimal, binary, and hexadecimal systems. 
  • Explain how media access control in the data link layer supports communication across networks. 
  • Explain how Ethernet operates in a switched network. 
  • Explain how routers use network layer protocols and services to enable end-to-end connectivity. 
  • Explain how ARP and ND enable communication on a local area network. 
  • Implement initial settings on a router and end devices. 
  • Calculate an IPv4 subnetting scheme to efficiently segment your network
  • Calculate an IPv6 subnetting scheme to efficiently segment your network. 
  • Explain how ICMP manages messaging between devices. 
  • Compare the operations of transport layer protocols in supporting end-to-end communcation. 
  • Explain the operation of application layer protocols in providing support to end-user applications. 
  • Configure switches and routers with device hardening features to  enhance security. 
  • Implement a network design for a small network to include a router, a switch, and end devices. 

Minimal requirements: 

  • Completion of the specialist course CCNA Academy modules I to IV. 

Time: 40h

Data: To be defined 

Location: Cyber Security Training Centre of Excellence, Warsaw. 

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Cyber Security Training Centre of Excellence
gen. S.Kaliskiego 2
00-908 Warszawa
tel. 261837990
fax. 261837983

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