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Academy CCNA (Online) – Introduction to Cybersecurity (ITC Online)

Course description:

The main course objective is to acquire basic knowledge in the field of cybersecurity.

Training subjects:

  • Introduction to Personal Data;
  • Personal Data as a Target;
  • Organizational Data;
  • The Impact of Security Breach;
  • The Profile of a Cyber Attacker;
  • Overview of Cyberwarfare;
  • Analyzing a Cyberattack;
  • Security Vulnerability and Exploits;
  • Types of Security Vulnerabilities;
  • Types of Malware and Symptoms;
  • Methods of Infiltration;
  • DoS, DDos and SEO;
  • The Cybersecurity Landscape;
  • Protecting your Devices and Network;
  • Data Maintenance;
  • Strong Authentication;
  • Firewall Types;
  • Security Appliances;
  • Detecting Attacks in Real Time;
  • Detecting Malware;
  • Security Best Practices;
  • Botnet;
  • Kill Chain;
  • Behavior-Based Security;
  • NetFlow and Cyberattacks;
  • CSIRT;
  • Security Playbook;
  • Tools for Incident Prevantion and Detection;
  • IDS and IPS;
  • Cybersecurity Legal and Ethical Issues, Education and Careers.

Acquired skills:

  • Understand the importance of safe on-line behaviors;
  • Describe the different types of malware and attacks;
  • Describe the protection strategies used organizations against attacks.

Minimal requirements:

  • No prerequisites.

Time: 16h

Data: To be defined 

Location: Cyber Security Training Centre of Excellence, Warsaw. 


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Cyber Security Training Centre of Excellence
gen. S.Kaliskiego 2
00-908 Warszawa
tel. 261837990
fax. 261837983

  • wersja w języku polskim
  • BIP
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