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14 July 2021
Polish Naval Academy cadets DID job placement at CST COE
18 officer cadets from the Faculty of Command and Naval Operations at the Polish Naval Academy (PNA) completed their specialist practical training on 9th July, 2021. The classes for PNA cadets were a stage of job placement which officer cadets are obliged to do in military units and at universities during summer holidays.

PNA cadets, students of the third and fourth year of studies, were acquiring new skills for two weeks, between 28th June and 9 July, at CST COE. Their training at Cyber Security Training Centre of Excellence was part of their study programme at the Faculty of Command and Naval Operations. Their major is IT Systems in Security and they specialise in Cybersecurity. Thus, the experience and skills they acquired at CST COE are convergent with their curriculum. At the opening of the course, they were welcomed by Col. Dariusz WESOŁEK, the chief of the Training Branch, who familiarized the cadets with the CST COE’s structure, mission, and range of activity.
The specialist programme of the job placement covered a range of topics, some of which were included in the training carried out at the Centre for Cyber Operations (CCO). However, the fortnight’s training at CST COE was aimed at familiarizing officer cadets with the basic aspects of network and operation system security, with typical threats appearing in networks and other issues related to cyberspace security.
The job placement at CST COE was also an opportunity to take a closer look at the functioning of Cyber Security Training Centre of Excellence. The cadets took the opportunity to use CST COE’s laboratories equipped with the state-of-the-art hardware, and the latest technological solutions created by, e.g. PALO ALTO and CISCO. They also learnt about the principles of conducting operations in the virtual environment of Cyber Range.
‘Thank you for your involvement and active participation in the training conducted in CST COE’s laboratories. I am confident that you will benefit from the knowledge and skills acquired during the last two weeks in your further studies and military service,’ said Director Paweł DZIUBA during his address to officer cadets at the end of their visit at CST COE.
By providing the job placement to PNA cadets, CST COE provided support to NCSC and CCO’s effort to organize and conduct a whole programme of job placements for PNA students due to be conducted in June, July, and August, 2021.

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