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19 October 2021
Tuesday, October 19, 2021 will go down in the history of the Cyber Security Training Centre Of Excellence as the day on which the Center was officially named after its patron. We will proudly point out that it is Professor Zdzisław Krygowski, a distinguished figure for mathematics and cryptology. During the ceremony a commemorative plaque dedicated to the CST COE’s patron was unveiled.

From now on our role model is Professor Zdzisław Krygowski, who was not only a scientist of merit for the "Polish" mathematics but also an efficient organizer influencing the development of the University of Poznań in the difficult years after Poland regained its independence. Professor Krygowski was a lecturer, teacher, promoter and an inspiration for many young mathematicians. He also co-organized a secret cryptography course for his best students and collaborators. From this group of talented young people recruited the talented cryptologists known to everyone for "cracking" the Enigma code.

The Cyber Security Training Centre Of Excellence was created to raise the qualifications of soldiers and employees and thus to develop the competence of the Polish Armed Forces to operate in cyberspace, but also to act as a unit consolidating expert potential. We provide courses, workshops and trainings that allow the personnel of the Polish Armed Forces to perform the full spectrum of activities in cyberspace and are tailored to their current needs. As cyberspace has become an operational domain and an arena of dynamic operations in the 21st century, we also dedicate our activities to all institutions that play an important role in the national cyber security system.

We are proud that our Centre will carry out its tasks under the patronage of such an outstanding personality as Professor Zdzisław  KRYGOWSKI. We are committed to cultivate the glorious traditions of our Patron and, following his example, share our knowledge and passion for science in the service of the Homeland - said Director of the CST COE Paweł DZIUBA.

As soldiers and employees of the Cyber Security Training Centre Of Excellence we become heirs to the achievements of Professor Zdzisław  Krygowski. This is our history, the memory of which we will cherish.

Among the many distinguished guests who graced the ceremony with their presence, there were also representatives of Professor Zdzisław  KRYGOWSKI's family, the KRYGOWSKI Family Association, as well as people representing Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, with which Professor Zdzisław  KRYGOWSKI was closely associated for many years. All participants of the ceremony could make inscriptions in the book of the Cyber Security Training Centre of Excellence named after Prof. Zdzisław  KRYGOWSKI.


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