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26 November 2021
NATO Architecture Framework Course in Poland
Cyber Security Training Centre of Excellence, in coordination with the Personnel Department of the MoND, has organized a NATO ARCHITECTURE FRAMEWORK 4 course in Warsaw.

The NATO Architecture Framework (NAF) provides the rules, guidance, and templates for developing and presenting architecture descriptions to ensure a common denominator for understanding, comparing, and integrating architectures in NATO.

The application of the NAF is designed to enable architectures to contribute most effectively to acquiring and fielding cost-effective and interoperable military capabilities. The role of enterprise architecture is to provide decision support, in the context of the enterprise strategy, for the use of resources (including processes and procedures) in the enterprise. In other words, the architecture is responsible for defining how resources will be used to support enterprise strategy and benefit the NATO goals and objectives.

The course was conducted by a Mobile Education Training Team (METT) from NATO School in Oberammergau (NSO). "We're really happy to have been invited to conduct our training in Poland," said the course director, Mr Thomas SUEHRIG. "We're convinced that the trainees' competences will be put to good use when organizing and planning projects, and will contribute to their optimization."

The course was organized in this format at CST CoE in cooperation with the Faculty of Cybernetics of Military University of Technology. The ‘beneficiaries’ of the course were mainly personnel of the National Centre for Cybersecurity Training and the leadership of the Command and Control Directorate of the General Staff of the PAF. Organization of the course in Poland had two main benefits. Firstly, it allowed to optimize costs as it was not necessary to send the PAF personnel to several-day business trips. Secondly, it was possible to train a large group at the same time. “Such a formula of training, besides bringing obvious benefits, turned out to be a valuable experience for our Centre in terms of both organization and training. An experience that will pay off in organization of future trainings in a similar formula,” said Director Paweł DZIUBA.


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