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31 May 2021
First seminar at CST COE
On 26th May, Cyber Security Training Centre of Excellence held a seminar opening a series of meetings for executives working in state structures of Poland.

After a welcome given by the Director of CST COE, Paweł Dziuba, a keynote speech was given by Brig. Gen. Karol Molenda, who stressed that “in the cyber domain one can be either a victim or a warrior, and it is up to us to decide which of them we are. Do we really know how to ensure our internet security? The only weapon we wield is knowledge, and our awareness of possible threats can assure a fast counterattack.”
Doubtless, the 21st century is the age of high technologies. Their advancement and proliferation influence virtually every element of social life and the functioning of companies and states. The integration of tools and methods of communication that are based on new technological solutions offers great benefits, but at the same time it creates threats on an unprecedented scale. For this reason, many presentations focused on practical ways of counteracting and preventing incidents potentially undermining cybersecurity.
The speakers broached the issue of social consequences of disinformation campaigns and their possible influence on shaping international politics. They presented modern computers’ capability to create deepfake videos used to spread false information. Another current issue discussed was infodemics, or carrying out misinformation campaigns related to the spread of diseases, e.g. the COVID-19 pandemic. The presenters also talked about phishing and pharming as the 21st century threats and showed case studies of crimes more and more commonly committed via the Internet.
The Director of Cyber Security Training Centre of Excellence, Paweł Dziuba, gave a speech to conclude the seminar, in which he talked about dynamic development of the half-a year-old centre and outlined plans for the closer and more distant future.
We do hope that the seminar was an opportunity for all participants to share their knowledge and experience.


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