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02 December 2021
CyberRANGE Training – two-day workshops in cybersecurity
“The essence of training is to allow error without consequence” – wrote Orson Scott Card in Ender's Game. Trainings at CST CoE conducted in a virtual environment of CYBER RANGE allows to realise authentic training scenarios, acquire experience and learn from mistakes. Thus, they are the key to developing practical skills.

Irrespectively of whether we are preparing to face new challenges, or mastering our skills, the opportunity to train in life-like conditions plays the key role in maintaining our high level of proficiency. The methods of cyber attacks keep changing; they take users by surprise as their nature evolves. Highly qualified cyber criminals test security devices, introduce innovations and develop new tools.
Thus, every IT user should be alert at all times. This is where Cyber Security Training Centre of Excellence gives a helping hand to cybersecurity teams working for operators of critical infrastructure in Poland. By participating in workshops taking the form of a cyber training field, these teams take the opportunity to master their skills at recognizing attacks and efficiently defend against them.
Among the operators of core services in the national cybersecurity system participating in our workshops are: Enea S.A., KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., Narodowy Bank Polski, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A., Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A., PKO Bank Polski S.A., Poczta Polska S.A., National Cyber Security Centre, and obviously CSIRT MOD.
CyberRANGE Training – two-day workshops in cybersecurity were conducted in two stages. The participants were evaluated in terms of their efficiency in identifying vulnerabilities and removing them while maintaining other system services fully operational. During the sum-up, praise was given to the best teams and there was a discussion of the aspects of the training which posed the biggest challenge for competing teams. 
Closing the workshops, Director Aneta Trojanowska, Minister’s of National Defence Plenipotentiary for Cyber Domain Security, stressed: “Despite having been established a little more than a year ago, Cyber Security Training Centre of Excellence has used this little time to create a coherent team of civilian personnel and soldiers having great competences allowing them to organize specialist courses and trainings also for specialist staff highly qualified in the area of IT. One of such undertakings has been the cybersecurity workshop coming to a close today. What is even more important, among its participants were not only representatives of the ministry, but also operators of key services in the national system of cybersecurity. I would like to send my congratulations to all competitors, all of which I consider to be victorious as all of them took up the gauntlet. Also, I congratulate CST CoE for flawless organization of the workshop and maintaining high level of tuition. Such undertakings testify to efficiency and high organizational skills of CST CoE, but first of all, allow its participants to compete in an isolated and advanced environment of Cyber Range, where they can learn to cooperate, make key decisions, often under time pressure, and respond to the challenges known to every cyber defender, i.e. countering attacks, or removing system  or application vulnerabilities.  Such workshops ought to become a standard practice and happen recurrently, even as cyber field trainings organized several times a year. It is by continuous training of personnel enhanced by using appropriate technology we can achieve an optimal level of cybersecurity.”
We wish to give our thanks to Director Trojanowska and to all participants of December competition and kindly invite to further workshops organized by by CST CoE.



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