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09 June 2021
On 18th November, we introduce a new dimension of annual meeting of IT, cyber and crypto experts and enthusiasts in the CyberEXPERT conference held by Cyber Security Training Centre of Excellence.

This year the title of the Conference is CyberEXPERT 2021 – Methods and tools in producing cyber capability of the Polish Armed Forces – challenges and opportunities. The honorary patronage of the event is granted by the Minister of National Defence. Among many institutions involved in the organization of the conference, the biggest contribution is given by National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the Institute for ICT and Cybersecurity (ITC), part of the Faculty of Cybernetics at the Military University of Technology.
CyberEXPERT 2021 conference will be held on a face-to-face basis in compliance with all rules and limitations related to the current epidemic situation.
The conference will begin with a plenary session, whose main part will include a moderated discussion – the name of the moderator will soon be disclosed. Then, attendees will have a choice of participation in one of two thematic panels or an exciting CTF game. The theme of the first panel will focus on legal aspects of reconnaissance and OSINT data analysis and the other will concentrate on technical aspects of cybersecurity. The plenary session and both panels will be recorded and later they will be available online. Thus, we guarantee that participants of one of the panels will not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the issues presented and discussed in the other panel.
The finale of the conference will consist of a summing-up session during which we will invite the attendees to meet the leaders of both panels and announce the results of the CFT. The closing speech will be given by the host of the conference, the Director of Cyber Security Training Centre of Excellence, Paweł Dziuba.
The framework programme of CyberEXPERT 2021 conference is available on clicking the CONFERENCE link. The information about the event and the speakers will be updated on an ongoing basis. We would appreciate your interest in it!

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