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14 July 2021
Ensuring security in the cyber domain requires ongoing investment in the human capital, in developing capability of the personnel responsible for efficient functioning of IT services. Effective training of experts means developing practical skills and providing opportunities for them to train in conditions resembling those in the real cyberspace as closely as possible.

Receiving formal education, e.g. graduating from a course of study or holding a certificate in cybersecurity, is merely a solid foundation on which cyber expert competences can be build. Skills required to counteract and mitigate sophisticated attacks are honed in practical trainings requiring ability to solve problems. Such trainings, in turn, need to be based on realistic scenarios of security threats.
The Cyber Range platform, used in trainings provided by CST COE, follows the recent trend of building training platforms, also known as cyber training grounds. Cyber Range is a training space which allows to simulate a wide array of security incidents, thanks to which specialists trained in realistic conditions can develop skills required to react to a variety of incidents occurring in the cyber domain.
What is Cyber Range?
This training space is a controlled, interactive technological environment. The trainees, depending on their level of qualifications and specialization, can learn how to detect and mitigate the consequences of attacks in the cyber domain. To do so they use the hardware and software which allow to simulate incidents and real-life scenarios. During a Cyber Range training, the participants experience incidents reflecting possible attacks on IT infrastructure, networks, software platforms and applications. The scenarios used are designed to shape proper habits, leading to user confidence and ability to work in teams.
The efficiency of such trainings is also strengthened by the monitoring function of the platform, which can follow and register trainees’ progress and efficiency. During a training, instructors can communicate their feedback to trainees in real time. For example, they can pass remarks about particular decisions made by a trainee and inform them about their progress.
Besides executing highly specialized exercises, Cyber Range is useful for those individuals and organizations that want to experiment with new cyber defence technologies. For them, Cyber Range will prove to be a safe place to solve complex problems in the cyberspace. They can also test new event scenarios and see how cyber security teams react to threats occurring the cyber domain.

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